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If you are sending your monthly mortgage payment to Empire Mortgage, you have several delivery options available. You may send a standard personal check or you may use one of the following alternative delivery methods:

Western Union

You can send a “Quick Collect” payment from any Western Union Agent location in the U.S. Click here to locate a Western Union Agent nearest to you. Our Code City is EMLP and our Code State is MD.

You can also go on-line to www.WesternUnion.com to send a Quick Collect payment. It's easy. Just follow their step-by-step instructions of how to use Quick Collect.

Phone Pay

This easy method allows you to make your monthly payment over the phone directly to Empire Mortgage. Simply provide us with both your checking account number and ABA routing numbers on the bottom of your personal checks. Upon your request, we will draft a check on your behalf and deposit it into our account.

Bank Wire

Please contact us for bank wiring instructions.